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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius
The Hundred & More – a Teacher Training for Classical Pilates
Classical – class・si・cal
adjective (Traditional)

Traditional in style and form,
or based on methods developed over a long period of time.

Definition from the Cambridge dictionary:

Classical Pilates Teacher Training

Do you love Pilates? Do you enjoy working with people? Then become a Pilates teacher and share what you love with others!

This teacher training is aimed to teach the original Pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates more than 100 years ago.

Rebekka shares her knowledge and experience as a Pilates instructor, Pilates teacher trainer and Physical Therapist with her students in this extensive training. She creates an inspiring learning atmosphere which makes it fun and easy to follow. This teacher training leaves you with all the tools you need to start a successful Pilates career.

Precise Instruction on the Guillotine

Program Overview


8 Weekends


10 Study Meetings


3 Exams


Self Study


Self Workout


Practice Teaching




In order to be accepted into this teacher training, students should prove that they have done Pilates for at least one year. Furthermore, an assessment of basic Matwork and Reformer workout as well as an interview is required. Doing the assessment and interview will not grant access to the program. The assessment fee has to be paid regardless of the outcome.

Program goals:

“The Hundred & More – a Teacher Training for Classical Pilates” is aimed to generate teachers that are confident in their teaching but also know the exercises in their own bodies. Modifications and Variations of the exercises are taught in order to be able to teach clients with special needs.

Students will learn about the history of Joseph Pilates, his method of Contrology and how to effectively use this method while teaching.

This teacher training sets the foundation for becoming a successful teacher, leaving the students equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a toolbox full of Pilates.

A toolbox full of Pilates

“Pilates is a journey with no destination”, like my teacher Jay Grimes likes to say, and that’s true. There’s only that much that can be taught in one year. That’s why I have created the “Next” Program. Students, who are looking to enhance their training are invited to further their knowledge by signing up for the the “Next” Program.

The companion for your Pilates journey

thumb_01_60_60Rebecca Morris
“I am the kind of person who likes to shop around; I’ll try on everything in the store before I settle on an item. When I decided to become a Pilates instructor, I planned to take a class from each studio before settling on a program. Instead, I took one lesson from Rebekka and knew this was the person I wanted to learn from. It was the hardest workout of my life, but I’d never felt better—sore, but only in the right places. I thought I knew what Pilates was about, but Rebekka has a way of making even advanced students feel like beginners. In her teacher training program, I not only learned the exercises themselves, but also how to draw more out of my clients.She’s the perfect person to learn from: always kind and generous, but also exact and exacting, cultivating trainees who maintain the same level of excellence she does. I’ve never learned more from any other instructor and it is a privilege to continue studying from her.”
thumb_01_60_60Erin Wilson
“When deciding on which Pilates program to enroll in, I did heavy research to find a trainer with a classical foundation and Rebekka’s foundation and knowledge of the classical Pilates work is strong. Each exercise was taught with thorough detail including in depth explanations of how to teach to different levels of clients, and how to teach variations and modifications appropriately.

I needed a program that would give me a strong foundation to build a successful career and clientele list and thanks to Rebekka’s training, I have a waitlist of people filling a wanting to book sessions with me. I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who is looking for a long term career as a Pilates trainer.”

thumb_01_60_60Tami Nixon
“My Pilates career began in 2013 with Rebekka Schulze. As my mentor she has given me the gift and knowledge of Pilates that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I believe my training with Rebekka has been life changing and has given me the taste and drive to learn even more about the human body and how Pilates transforms mind, spirit and body.
Rebekka’s knowledge of the human body, the history and meaning of Pilates as well as her love for teaching makes her the best and very sought after instructor and trainer. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Rebekka for the last several years.

I strive to be an instructor and trainer that Rebekka is proud to say she mentored and I feel a great responsibility to share ‘the work” as authentically as I can.”