“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit” – Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates, the founder of what is known today as “Pilates”, called his method “Contrology”. He stated that “Contrology is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. Let me help you to experience the true meaning of it  as well as the positive changes Pilates will bring to your body.

As a second generation* Pilates Instructor, it is my duty to teach you the method as it was developed by Joe himself. As a Physical Therapist, I make sure you are doing what is right for you, no matter which challenges your body might give you. 

My lessons are taught out of my beautiful home studio. It is set up in one room, which is called “Pilates Stube” (Stube is German and means, small and cozy room). I have all state-of-the-art classical equipment, built after Joseph Pilates’ original drawings and measurements.

This makes a big difference, because only the original equipment can give you the feel and the results of true Pilates. Come on in and leave with less tightness, a stronger core, balanced muscles, more coordination and a better body awareness!


Services Offered

Pilates Privates

These lessons are suitable for anyone who would like to start with Pilates. Here, the foundation is build to be able to do your own workout. But Privates are also great for anyone, who’d like to deepen their understanding or to improve their practice.

Pilates Duets

Share the love of Pilates with someone you like – two students, one teacher.

Pilates Originals

‘Pilates Originals’ refers to a group class setting. Three students work at the same time, but not necessarily on the same equipment. These classes are taught the way “Controlgy” was done in Joe’s time.- Everybody does their own workout under the guidance of an instructor. This is the ultimate way to do Pilates: Independent and goal oriented!

These classes are taught in 6 consecutive weeks, each class is about 50-55 mins in length.

Mat Lovers

Matwork is how most people get started with Pilates. The mat exercises are typically performed in a specific order. The intro classes are teaching you the foundation of the Pilates exercises.

The other classes will teach you step by step the individual exercises as well as the order until you are able to do them by yourself. Your stamina will develop and you’ll get stronger and more confident with every lesson.

Classes offered:

Intro to Pilates Matwork: Learn the foundation of the Pilates exercises

Pilates Matwork 1-4: The classes are building up on each other, level 4 refers to an Advanced class where students are able to work their exercises independently.

Pilates Matwork for spinal issues: Let the Pilates method help you to move in a safe way, make your core stronger, loosen up tension and overcome the challenges your spine gives you.

Pilates Matwork for Osteoporosis: TTo increase coordination, balance and strength is vital for any person suffering from Osteoporosis. Pilates is a workout that will help you reach these goals while at the same time being safe and easy on your body.

All Matwork classes are taught in 6 consecutive weeks, each class is about 50 mins in length. 

Note: Due to limited space in my studio, these classes are taught at different locations. Please call or email for more information!

You can also book me to teach Matwork classes at your studio!

Pilates Compact

This is the same Pilates workout like a Private lesson, just in a shorter period of time. This format is suitable for anyone, who isn’t able to do a full 55 min workout. Whether you are suffering from a certain chronic condition or coming back from an injury – my expertise as a Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor will guide you safely though this 30 minute training.

Teacher’s Time

This is a fun way to connect with fellow teachers. These classes are held once per month and up to 5 teachers are welcome to join. Typically, the class is started with a workout under the guidance of the instructor, followed by a mini- workshop.

These classes are 90 mins in length and cost $50 per person.

This class format can also be taught at your own studio or during studio visits/ workshops. Just email me if you’d like to find out how to book a ‘Teachers’ Time’.