Pilates For Horse Riders

“Only the rider who is free from any contraction will have a horse equally free from contraction.
A team as this is the ideal”

Nuno Oliveira




Pilates for Horseback Riders

As horse riders, we are dealing not just with one individual but with two athletes who have to perform uniformly in order to reach their goal. Most horse people do everything to keep their horses healthy and providing them with a balanced workout routine. But only few riders remember that they also have to take care of their own bodies. Pilates is a workout for everybody and compliments every sport. With Pilates we can target each individual body and their special needs by choosing from more than 800 exercises. Many athletes swear that they are performing at their highest levels due to the Pilates exercises.

Horses are very sensitive animals who are feeling any imbalances or tightness in their riders. As a result these imbalances are carrying on to the horses which makes it difficult for them to perform. Do Pilates because you love your horse and write your own success story!

Striving for Harmony Between Horse and Rider


Pilates will give you the core strength you need to advance your communication with your horse.


Pilates will give you an overall better body awareness to feel your horse better, so that your horse feels good about you too!


Pilates will give you more limberness in the pelvis, hip and lower back in order to be more flexible while on the horse.

Rebekka Schulze – owner of Pilates & Horses

As a lifelong horse rider, I know what your body needs in order to advance your riding. I am offering Private Pilates lessons as well as group classes.

You’ll love Pilates because it’s fun it works and your horse will thank you