About Pilates & Horses

Pilates & Horses is a small Pilates related business operated by Rebekka Schulze.

Rebekka’s mission is to offer Pilates workouts with the goal of promoting the well-being of any individual using the Classical Pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates.

Being a trained Physical Therapist, Rebekka uses her expertise to design her lessons in a safe and trustworthy manner. Her speciality is creating workouts for any kind of body conditions – from injuries, over chronic pain to sports related special needs.

As a lifelong horse rider herself, Rebekka knows which challenges this sport is giving the human body. With Pilates she found a tool to not only improve the horse riders’ posture but also helping any rider to get a better connection to their horses through an increased body awareness.

Rebekka always was and still is dedicated to education. With Pilates & Horses, she offers Pilates Teacher Trainings , Tutoring for Pilates students and workshops (for Pilates and Horse riding).

Pilates is suitable for Everybody – no matter which fitness level. Regardless, whether someone tries it for the first time, is recovering from an injury or is a high performance athlete: Rebekka’s trained eye finds out what each individual body needs and tailors the workout accordingly.

At Pilates & Horses, there’s no mainstream, but every lesson is customized depending on the clients’ needs.