Rollart® Fascia Roller Grooved Size “L”




Product information
“RollArt® fascia roll size” L

This large fascia roller has wide grooves that allow different parts of the body to be rolled gently but deeply. It is suitable for rolling the intercostal muscles, but also for large areas and is therefore essential for optimal treatment of the horse. It also offers a gentle introduction to fascia treatment for sensitive horses. Through a targeted applied pressure and roll massage, glued and hardened fascia tissue can be made mobile and elastic over the long term. Our rolls are lovingly handcrafted from alder wood. In terms of energy, this wood is said to have a draining effect, which can also support rolling.

The roller body (without handles) has a length of 22.5 cm and a diameter of approx. 9 cm.

Application description
The fascia roll in this size is mainly used for large areas on the horse , such as croup, torso, neck and neck band. If the horse reacts positively, it is also possible to slide the roller over the spine without pressure. To do this, just hold the roller by one of the two handles and guide it gently over the spine.

Due to the wider grooves, the massage with this roller is gentler on the surface, but more intense in the depths of the tissue. The effectiveness of a rolling massage on the underside of the horse’s abdomen should not be underestimated. Here we recommend the execution with two people, positioned on the right and left side of the horse’s trunk.

Ultimately, the patient or horse or dog always decides on the pressure intensity of the application.