Rebekka Schulze

“Life Loves Balance” – Rebekka is dedicated to helping people become healthy and strong through the teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Rebekka Schulze was born and raised in Germany.

At the age of 10, she was introduced to horses, starting with vaulting and then became a horse rider shortly after. Soon she discovered her interest in the Biomechanics of the human body and found her love for teaching. At the age of 17 she started teaching horse riding lessons and became a certified horse riding instructor two years later.

For many years, she was leading the Education department of the horse riding club in her hometown. With registering for Physical Therapy school, she followed her second love: Helping others to achieve health. After completing Physical Therapy school in Germany, she graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, finishing with a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy).

Her focus in Physical Therapy always was and still is Orthopedics, Neurology and Pediatrician. While living in Singapore, she worked for the German European School where she established the Physical Therapy department and worked as a PE teacher. One of her specialities is the Children’s Back school – an educational program for kids in order to raise their awareness about the spine and its health.

At the same time she volunteered for the Riding for the Disabled Association in Singapore and became a certified RDA instructor. Back home in Germany, she opened her own Physical Therapy clinics and continued to work as a horse riding instructor for abled and disabled individuals.

It was during her time in Asia, that she learned for the first time about the Pilates method and fell in love with it. She quickly discovered the benefits of Pilates, not only for her own body but for the health and well being of her clients, too. Rebekka gained her certification in Pilates through Power Pilates in Hamburg, Germany.

Ever since she is not only spreading her love of Classical Pilates but also was able to help many clients overcoming chronic pain and injuries through her teaching. While many of Rebekka’s horse riding friends were taking her Pilates classes, the idea of Pilates for horse riders arose.

Upon moving to California, Rebekka started focusing even more on Pilates. Her teaching style is characterized by precision, structure and a passionate understanding of the human body. Due to her outstanding knowledge and experience she became a Pilates Teacher Trainer as well and has educated many instructors to this point. She is leading Pilates related workshops and is tutoring soon-to-be teachers during their teacher training.

Her Pilates journey took her to another high point, when she was accepted into “The Work” a Pilates Master’s program led by first generation teacher Jay Grimes in Los Angeles. Having finished this vigorous program, has further deepened her passion for the Classical Pilates method, that Joseph Pilates created almost 100 years ago.

In her free time, Rebekka loves to go horse riding and competes in Dressage. She enjoys hiking together with her husband and their three Labrador Retrievers. She’s competing with two of the dogs in Agility and loves to ski in the wintertime.