RollArt® USA

Keep your horse supple and healthy with fascia rolling!

Did you know that the RollArt® Fascia Rollers can assist with the following problems?

  • Muscular Tension
  • Problems with neck flexions
  • Ability to bend properly
  • Lazy Hind Leg
  • Short or uneven strides
  • Sensitivity in the poll area and ears
  • Insufficient chewing on the bit
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    What is Fascia?
    • Fascia is a tightly woven net of connective tissue composed of two fibers – collagen and elastin.
    • Fascia generally consists of protein and water – the two fundamental elements of life.


    • Provides structure and holds all body parts together
    • Provides structure and holds all body parts together
    • Fascilitation of movements
    • Generates joint stabilization
    • Critical for a functioning metabolism
    • Exchange of information to and from the central nervous system
    • Important for a healthy immune system
    • Starts wound healing process after injuries

    Fascial Adhesions and Tightness is caused by:

    • Misalignment and poor posture
    • Lack of movement / micro injuries due to overloading
    • Psychological stress
    • Surgeries
    • Inadequate feed

    Fascial Adhesions and tightness can lead to:

    • Limited mobility
    • Increased pain perception
    • Lymphoedema
    • Insufficient supply of nutrients to cells and internal organs
    • Lack of circulation inside the tissue


    Use on Horses and Pets!
    No medical background needed!

    Can be used by every animal owner

    No side effects