The "Next" Program

The “NEXT” program is for teachers who have completed their first/basic teacher training and are ready to take the next step of their Pilates journey.

The “NEXT” program will bring you within 10 months to the next level of:


Your Work


Your Teaching


Your Understanding of Classical Pilates


Your Understanding of Injury/Special Case Related Teaching

Deepen your knowledge

The program consists of 2 three-day weekends, 2 two-day weekends, 3 days of study meetings, 3 assessments and two exams. While in the program, students will have to participate in a minimum of 10 Private lessons, 15 Pilates Originals and 10 Teachers’ Times.

In order to participate in this intense program, students will have to fill out an application form. After that they will be invited for the mat assessment and a short interview. Upon completion, the attendance in this program will be evaluated.

For further information, please email or call me +1 925-357-0594 and I will contact you within 24 hours.

“NEXT” Program Pricing


Each three- day weekend: $550


Each two- day weekend: $400


Each study meeting: $100


Each assessment: $120


Each Exam: $160

Work to the core

thumb_01_60_60“NEXT” program – Janet Eidbo

“Enrolling into this program, not even a year after Teacher’s Training, seemed a bit daunting. I had a vague idea of what might be ahead, but after some encouragement from fellow potential classmates, I committed to the program.

My time in Teacher’s Training was very intense for me. I often felt like there was so much information being taught and just not enough time to really absorb the material. I would have appreciated more time to talk about each exercise in greater detail, time to find the “Ah Ha” moment, the moment when you finally understand how the exercise should feel in your body.

I am not only speaking of the exercises, but apparatuses as well. I left Teacher’s Training, having completed 450 hours of training, armed with exercises and orders, information regarding special case studies and some new friends. Even after all of that, I still felt hesitant to put on my “teaching sneakers” and go out in the world to find my own clients.

Thank goodness for the “NEXT” program! It was exactly what I needed. It provided me with a refined understanding of the classical pilates method. Rebekka Schulze, who has become a champion of mine, designed this program to progressively move her students forward.

As a class, we left no exercise behind! Not only discussing each exercise, but safely putting it deeper into our own bodies. We now have a better understanding of the practical application of our day to day instruction with our clients.

I have so much gratitude and appreciation for how she taught me to “teach the body in front of me”. Instead of looking at my client and thinking of a list of memorized exercises and a signed consent form in hand, I’m now looking to see how they are standing in front of me.

Scanning their posture, I’m looking to see if they are leaning to one side or the other. Are their shoulders rolled forward? Do they have a curve in their back? As they walk toward me, I am looking to see how their feet strike the floor.

Hmmm, quickly, I’m making a list in my head as I watch them move on the apparatus, looking to detect any muscular imbalances. To be clear, I still have the signed consent form in place, but now, thanks to the “NEXT” program, I’m ready to put on my “teaching sneakers”. I’m aware that I have a long way to go before I can assess and teach my clients the way my Instructor does, but for now, as we say in class, “I’m more connected”.

As far as my own workout, The “NEXT” program gave me the platform I needed in order to get deeper into the Joseph Pilates Classical Method. We had time to explore and discover just what was missing in our own workout.

Not only did I need to find my 2 way stretch, my back connection, and my low body reach, but also my self confidence. One minute, I could hear myself saying, “I’ll never be able to do that”. The next, I’m hanging upside down and finding a comfortable arch in my thoracic spine. With each assessment, my confidence continued to grow.

I know that my pilates journey doesn’t have a destination, but I am so happy that I did this “NEXT”!”