My daily life is usually packed. Packed with teaching Pilates, playing with my horse, practicing Agility with my two dogs and that annoying housework. In order to keep up with all of that and maintain a healthy body, I do Pilates – well, of course I do! And even though I have the best intentions and do practice a lot – there seems to be never enough time to work on everything. Sounds familiar?

After many busy months, I recently traveled to Europe – that meant a ten hour flight, followed by an almost 3 hour train ride and finished up by a taxi drive to my final destination. Not to mention luggage…

Everybody who travels knows the uncomfortable feeling of being crunched within the entire body. My knees hurt, my spine was completely stiff, my legs swollen and my feet (who had been in discomfort for weeks already) felt like non existent.

After getting situated in the apartment we had rented, I was simply too tired to do my Mat exercises – but luckily I had brought my toe corrector. I sat on the sofa and started basic toe corrector exercises: Windshield wiper, Hip Abduction, Leg slides, Circles, Knee lifts (seated). And wow – what a pleasant surprise: My feet came alive, the muscles in my legs activated the lymphatic movement so my legs felt less swollen within minutes. I felt a tickling in my lower body – in a very good way. Furthermore, after sitting in my tall back position in order to do these exercises, my spine felt less crunched and by this time I really felt a need to move. So – still on the sofa – I did my Hundreds, Roll Up and some more exercises to work on spinal mobilization (Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion, Rotation). As a result I was treated with a number of pops in my back – the good ones, that are feeling simply so freeing. All of this felt so good – but my feet were still not quite right. Another set of the same Toe corrector exercises (this time I got way more range of movement), some foot stretches (active and passive ones), Standing Balance exercises. Now I was hooked and did a third round of my toe corrector exercises, followed by ankle movements without the toe corrector – Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Inversion, Eversion – and there it was: A huge crack! This felt like something my body had been waiting for for weeks.

Needless to say, that I continued doing my toe corrector exercises daily – sometimes just 5 minutes – but my foot pain was completely gone after that crack. And during this trip, nothing could change how good my feet were feeling. Not the cobbled pavement or the stairs of the Arena in Verona – nor that uneven ground of the horse place in Parma where I participated in a workshop.

I am officially naming the toe corrector my perfect travel companion. Surely, I am never going to travel without it ever again – it will always be part of my future adventures.