Workshop At Your Barn

Pilates for Horseriders – Intro (2 hours)

Do you want to know why you as a Horserider would benefit from Pilates?

Then join me in this two hour workshop – learn in a short lecture about Classical Pilates and how it can improve your riding , followed by an introductory Pilates Matwork Class – customized to the needs of horseriders.

After that first Pilates matwork experience, there will be time given to answer all your questions!


Pilates for Horseriders – Weekend Workshop (2 days, 5 hours each day)

This workshop goes more into detail “Why” Pilates benefits your horse riding. We’ll assess each rider’s posture on the ground and on the horse. We’ll also assess your horse’s posture and how you influence each other.

Experience how the Pilates fundamentals will change how you feel overall and especially while on your horse – and how your horse reacts to this new feeling as well.

Day one:

Pilates History


How does Pilates relate to horse riding


Assessment of rider’s posture


Assessment of horse’s posture


Foundations of Pilates in theory and practice

Day two:

Foundations of Pilates in practice continued


Assessment of riding posture while on the horse


Evaluation of findings


Transferring Pilates from the ground to the saddle


Working at rider’s tall back

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