“Life Loves Balance”

– A German Saying

Professional Pilates Lessons

Located in Huntersville, NC – serving the Lake Norman and greater Charlotte area

My classes and teachings are done in a friendly comfortable setting where you can be sure you will get the best instructions for a healthier you.

Our Mission

Pilates & Horses is a small Pilates related business operated by Rebekka Schulze. Rebekka’s mission is to offer Pilates workouts with the goal of promoting the well-being of any individual using the Classical Pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates.

What Do Others Have To Say About Pilates & Horses?

Rebekka’s keenly trained eye can see your strengths and weaknesses, allowing her to focus your training on where it’s most needed at the time. And since your body is always changing, your training and her teaching is as well. Rebekka’s focus on proper form will take your practice to a level you didn’t know existed! Your movements will become smaller, more precise, and very challenging! After practicing Pilates for more than 20 years, I am humbled by how hard the work can be, and amazed at how my body learns and adapts. I have never felt stronger and I owe it all to Rebekka.

Kim Kowalski

Rebekka’s devotion to your structural healing is unsurpassed. I honestly believe she is Joseph Pilates reincarnated. You think you’ve done Pilates?

You will reevaluate that after working with this amazing healer whom I have had the great fortune to have found. Rebekka Schulze is the real deal.

Cindy Kronick

After several months of lessons, my comfort both in the saddle and on the ground has improved dramatically. I am finally learning how to use and strengthen my body properly and, most importantly, how to correct my own imbalances. This not only makes riding safer and more fun for me, but is so much easier on my horses since I can balance and use my body more effectively.

Erin Isaacson