“Life Loves Balance”

– A German Saying

Professional Pilates Lessons

Located in Huntersville, NC – serving the Lake Norman and greater Charlotte area

My classes and teachings are done in a friendly comfortable setting where you can be sure you will get the best instructions for a healthier you.

Our Mission

Pilates & Horses is a small Pilates related business operated by Rebekka Schulze. Rebekka’s mission is to offer Pilates workouts with the goal of promoting the well-being of any individual using the Classical Pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates.

What Do Others Have To Say About Pilates & Horses?

After many years of adventure racing, mountain biking and trail running, I developed bad form which lead to a hip issue that I’ve had for 5+ years. After trying many different failed approaches, I stumbled upon Pilates and was subsequently introduced to Rebekka. Rebekka is a graduate of the ‘The Work’ and studied under Pilates Elder, Jay Grimes.

At first that meant nothing to me, but the more I work with her and educate myself in Pilates, the more I understood the importance of her education and experience and how hard it is to reach that level. And since she’s a physical therapist it only adds to her knowledge and experience.

Steve Deis

Rebekka’s devotion to your structural healing is unsurpassed. I honestly believe she is Joseph Pilates reincarnated. You think you’ve done Pilates?

You will reevaluate that after working with this amazing healer whom I have had the great fortune to have found. Rebekka Schulze is the real deal.

Cindy Kronick

Rebekka is not just a Master Pilates instructor she also practices and applies it to every aspect of her life which she shares with her students.

JoAnn Alioto