The Pilates Mat – Start your Practice

Discover why so many horse riders have fallen in love with Pilates and start building a deeper connection to your body. Take the first step toward better posture, better core strength, better flexibility and better body awareness by learning a basic Pilates routine that you will be able to execute by yourself.  Take this increased understanding into the saddle and improve your communication with your horse. My motto: “Do Pilates because you love your horse!”

This 12 week course can be done in person in my studio or online via Zoom.

Pilates on the Horse Private Lesson

For existing Pilates clients and students, take what you’ve learned in the studio into the saddle! Feel how the exercises that have been tailored specifically to your body on the Pilates equipment are applied in the saddle and why. Suddenly you will feel why you have been given specific exercises that target weakness or imbalance in your body. You will see and feel a difference in your horse as you use the new tools you have learned about in the studio.

For riders who are not yet Pilates students, you can book a riding assessment so Rebekka can evaluate your seat and riding relationship with your horse, allowing her to see what areas of focus are needed in the Pilates studio to correct imbalances.

fascia rolling

Myofascial Release – Free Up Your Body for Better Riding

Perform more efficiently by increasing mobility, relieving aches and pains, and de-stressing your body with myofascial release.  This workshop will provide you with some simple techniques and complementary exercises to release fascia throughout the body..

This is a 3 hour workshop.

Building a strong foundation – Pilates for feet

Most people underestimate how essential strong and healthy feet are for groundwork and in-hand work, but they especially take them for granted when it comes to riding!

In this workshop, you’ll discover the relationship between good food alignment, a healthy body and good riding posture. Using gadgets and tools developed by Joseph Pilates specifically to help with foot alignment, you will learn to strengthen and stretch your feet, improve proprioception, and massage your feet for their overall well-being. Strong feet, strong body, better performance!

You will leave with a set of exercises to do at home. This is a 3 hour workshop.

horse wearing Bemer blanket

Bemer® Session

Book a BEMER® session for your horse and/or yourself!

Horse sessions: $30/each
Human sessions: $20/each

“Only the rider who is free from any contraction will have a horse equally free from contraction. A team as this is the ideal” – Nuno Oliveira

As horse riders, we are dealing not just with one individual but with two athletes who have to perform uniformly in order to reach their goal. Most horse people do everything to keep their horses healthy and providing them with a balanced workout routine. But only few riders remember that they also have to take care of their own bodies. Pilates is a workout for everybody and compliments every sport. With Pilates we can target each individual body and their special needs by choosing from more than 800 exercises. Many athletes swear that they are performing at their highest levels due to the Pilates exercises.

Horses are very sensitive animals who feel any imbalance or tightness in their riders. These imbalances carry over to the horse which makes it difficult for them to perform. Do Pilates because you love your horse and write your own success story!

horse and rider showing turn on the haunches


“Rebekka’s keenly trained eye can see your strengths and weaknesses, allowing her to focus your training on where it’s most needed at the time. And since your body is always changing, your training and her teaching is as well. Rebekka’s focus on proper form will take your practice to a level you didn’t know existed! Your movements will become smaller, more precise, and very challenging! After practicing Pilates for more than 20 years, I am humbled by how hard the work can be, and amazed at how my body learns and adapts. I have never felt stronger and I owe it all to Rebekka.”

Kim Kowalski

“Rebekka is not just a Master Pilates instructor she also practices and applies it to every aspect of her life which she shares with her students. I can without a doubt say that without my weekly sessions with Rebekka in the beautiful Studio, using Gratz equipment, I would not be as strong, confident or as conscientious about my posture in everything I do. Pilates has given me a renewed view of my body inside and out. Every BODY needs to incorporate this proven method of working out for now and as we age.”

JoAnn Alioto

“Rebekka Schulze is Joseph Pilates reincarnated and you will know it if you find yourself fortunate enough to be working under her guidance. A much deeper learning from Rebekka than tightening the abdominals. You will elongate, slim, and strengthen. You will slenderize and get long & strong very quickly 5 sessions will be transforming. 10 sessions begins the healing. 20 sessions changes your life. Then? You go deeper.

Call yourself blessed to have found Rebekka Schulze, Certified ‘Classical Joseph Pilates’ Instructor.”

Cindy Kronick

“My Pilates career began in 2013 with Rebekka Schulze. As my mentor she has given me the gift and knowledge of Pilates that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I believe my training with Rebekka has been life changing and has given me the taste and drive to learn even more about the human body and how Pilates transforms mind, spirit and body.

Rebekka’s knowledge of the human body, the history and meaning of Pilates as well as her love for teaching makes her the best and very sought after instructor and trainer. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Rebekka for the last several years.I strive to be an instructor and trainer that Rebekka is proud to say she mentored and I feel a great responsibility to share ‘the work” as authentically as I can.”

Tami Nixon

I love training Pilates with Rebekka. As a Pilates teacher myself, I know and love the work. Rebekka has challenged me to try things I didn’t think I could ever do. I always leave her studio standing taller and feeling refreshed. She has taken my own teaching to another level and is a knowledgeable and reliable mentor.

Megan Moran

“I thought I knew what Pilates was about, but Rebekka has a way of making even advanced students feel like beginners. In her teacher training program, I not only learned the exercises themselves, but also how to draw more out of my clients.She’s the perfect person to learn from: always kind and generous, but also exact and exacting, cultivating trainees who maintain the same level of excellence she does. I’ve never learned more from any other instructor and it is a privilege to continue studying from her.”

Rebecca Morris

“After many years of adventure racing, mountain biking and trail running, I developed bad form which lead to a hip issue that I’ve had for 5+ years. After trying many different failed approaches, I stumbled upon Pilates and was subsequently introduced to Rebekka. Rebekka is a graduate of the ‘The Work’ and studied under Pilates Elder, Jay Grimes. At first that meant nothing to me, but the more I work with her and educate myself in Pilates, the more I understood the importance of her education and experience and how hard it is to reach that level. And since she’s a physical therapist it only adds to her knowledge and experience.

All along I knew the importance of strong abs but I didn’t realize that it’s the core that is the powerhouse of the body. Having a strong core improves balance, posture, mobility and overall athletic strength. I’ve found that Pilates is the best way to gain that core strength and flexibility. A lot of progress has been made over the past few months I’ve seen her. I am now so confident in my physical abilities that I have planned a 3 week trip to Nepal: backpacking and sightseeing. If you want to do it right and get results, go see Rebekka!”

Steve Deis

“Rebekka is a fantastic trainer, whose understanding of the body and the classical pilates work is exceptional. Although I was unsure how well lessons via Skype would work, I have found her ability to clearly verbalize all cues and her attention to detail to be a great match to this channel. In less than 30 sessions I have seen a lot of changes in my body and have really deepened my understanding of The Work.”


“I was blessed to meet Rebekka at an equine positive reinforcement clinic several years ago and reconnected during the pandemic in virtual clinics online, where her infectious enthusiasm for Classical Pilates sparked my interest. After several months of lessons, my comfort both in the saddle and on the ground has improved dramatically. I am finally learning how to use and strengthen my body properly and, most importantly, how to correct my own imbalances. This not only makes riding safer and more fun for me, but is so much easier on my horses since I can balance and use my body more effectively. Rebekka’s constructional training approach breaks down every little nuance of an exercise and slowly builds on each step so that you get the most out of Josef Pilates’ phenomenal method in a fun and rewarding way. When you take the lessons into your daily life and into whatever sport you enjoy, you will experience the proof of this work.”

Erin Isaachsen
I had done Pilates for many years before I met Rebekka and I really enjoyed it as an amazing work out. Rebekka brought Pilates alive for me. After working with Rebekka I truly understood what Pilates is and how it can make you feel. She constantly challenges me physically and intellectually as I push my body, learn new exercises and how they relate to every other exercise. Rebekka is a teacher’s teacher, I love sharing what I discover with her with my own clients.
Leta Matte