thumb_01_60_60JoAnn Alioto

The Best Master Pilates Instructor

“Rebekka is not just a Master Pilates instructor she also practices and applies it to every aspect of her life which she shares with her students. I can without a doubt say that without my weekly sessions with Rebekka in the beautiful Studio, using Gratz equipment, I would not be as strong, confident or as conscientious about my posture in everything I do. Pilates has given me a renewed view of my body inside and out. Every BODY needs to incorporate this proven method of working out for now and as we age.”

thumb_01_60_60Cindy Kronick

Real Classical Pilates Teaching At It’s Finest

You think you’ve done Pilates? You probably haven’t as there is a lot of it out there and most of it has been bastardized and not following true Joseph Pilates classical work. Like anything, many out there want to make things “more interesting” and the pure healing he created gets diluted.

Rebekka Schulze is the real deal. Down to the way you breathe inside your lungs (are you even expanding into the back of the lung?). Trust me, she will see it. All equipment is classic Joseph Pilates certified (you would be surprised what is out there), which is how he envisioned, designed, and built it down to the bolts.

Much more expensive than most studios are willing to spend. Rebekka Schulze is Joseph Pilates reincarnated and you will know it if you find yourself fortunate enough to be working under her guidance. She has the sweetest heart, but, is tough in her demand from your body millimeter by millimeter. Joseph Pilates blesses her every day as staying true to his life’s work. And she demands it of you!

The real “Classical Joseph Pilates” method teaches you that structural health is off the radar for most. And your structural health is the most important thing. We go to gyms or some new ‘workout of the year’ and work from the outside in. [Frankly pushing yourself like that is not, in the long run, is much too depleting but I will leave it at that.]

Pilates works from the inside out. Your structure. Properly using your body and breath to work against gravity is the foundation upon which everything else related to your health is built. The results are life-changing. When we address the root cause of physical pain, through elongating the spine, proper head and neck work, strengthening the midsection (DEEP in there) and back (expanding the breath out into it).

Trust me, if you work with Rebekka you will know what all this means in your body. Rebekka will awaken your feet (they say you die from your feet up), heal that vertebra that is out of alignment, awaken every THING connected to that lower back to heal, etc. Your awareness of even the fibers within your muscles will become a part of you.

All of this comes from a source in what Joseph Pilates termed the “Powerhouse.” A much deeper learning from Rebekka than tightening the abdominals. You will elongate, slim, and strengthen. You will slenderize and get long & strong very quickly 5 sessions will be transforming. 10 sessions begins the healing. 20 sessions changes your life. Then? You go deeper.

Call yourself blessed to have found Rebekka Schulze, Certified ‘Classical Joseph Pilates’ Instructor.


Authentic Pilates Teacher

Rebekka is a fantastic trainer, whose understanding of the body and the classical pilates work is exceptional. Although I was unsure how well lessons via Skype would work, I have found her ability to clearly verbalize all cues and her attention to detail to be a great match to this channel. In less than 30 sessions I have seen a lot of changes in my body and have really deepened my understanding of The Work.

Steve DeisSteve Deis

After many years of adventure racing, mountain biking and trail running, I developed bad form which lead to a hip issue that I’ve had for 5+ years. After trying many different failed approaches, I stumbled upon Pilates and was subsequently introduced to Rebekka. Rebekka is a graduate of the ‘The Work’ and studied under Pilates Elder, Jay Grimes. At first that meant nothing to me, but the more I work with her and educate myself in Pilates, the more I understood the importance of her education and experience and how hard it is to reach that level. And since she’s a physical therapist it only adds to her knowledge and experience.

All along I knew the importance of strong abs but I didn’t realize that it’s the core that is the powerhouse of the body. Having a strong core improves balance, posture, mobility and overall athletic strength. I’ve found that Pilates is the best way to gain that core strength and flexibility. A lot of progress has been made over the past few months I’ve seen her. I am now so confident in my physical abilities that I have planned a 3 week trip to Nepal: backpacking and sightseeing. If you want to do it right and get results, go see Rebekka!

Rebecca Morris

I am the kind of person who likes to shop around; I’ll try on everything in the store before I settle on an item. When I decided to become a Pilates instructor, I planned to take a class from each studio before settling on a program. Instead, I took one lesson from Rebekka and knew this was the person I wanted to learn from. It was the hardest workout of my life, but I’d never felt better—sore, but only in the right places. I thought I knew what Pilates was about, but Rebekka has a way of making even advanced students feel like beginners. In her teacher training program, I not only learned the exercises themselves, but also how to draw more out of my clients.She’s the perfect person to learn from: always kind and generous, but also exact and exacting, cultivating trainees who maintain the same level of excellence she does. I’ve never learned more from any other instructor and it is a privilege to continue studying from her.

Erin Wilson

When deciding on which Pilates program to enroll in, I did heavy research to find a trainer with a classical foundation and Rebekka’s foundation and knowledge of the classical Pilates work is strong. Each exercise was taught with thorough detail including in depth explanations of how to teach to different levels of clients, and how to teach variations and modifications appropriately.

I needed a program that would give me a strong foundation to build a successful career and clientele list and thanks to Rebekka’s training, I have a waitlist of people filling a wanting to book sessions with me. I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who is looking for a long term career as a Pilates trainer.

Tami Nixon

My Pilates career began in 2013 with Rebekka Schulze. As my mentor she has given me the gift and knowledge of Pilates that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I believe my training with Rebekka has been life changing and has given me the taste and drive to learn even more about the human body and how Pilates transforms mind, spirit and body.

Rebekka’s knowledge of the human body, the history and meaning of Pilates as well as her love for teaching makes her the best and very sought after instructor and trainer. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Rebekka for the last several years.

I strive to be an instructor and trainer that Rebekka is proud to say she mentored and I feel a great responsibility to share ‘the work” as authentically as I can.